Keiley is a small human girl living and working as a textile artist in Toronto, Ontario. Growing up an only child, she developed a vivid imagination and had a pretty magical childhood because of it. This, and the creative influences around her, led Keiley to study Textile Design at Sheridan College. Upon graduating, she launched Leikey Designs: a small-production textiles company producing handmade toys, needle felting and accessories. Every element is designed and handmade by Keiley herself.

The name Leikey (pronounced LEE-KEE) is a nickname given to Keiley by her two little cousins – who were at that tender age when children repeat everything a minimum of 20 times. Repeatedly singing “Keiley” as fast as they could, it quickly turned into an anagram that became a fitting identity. Many of the products she makes are inspired and approved by them.