In the words of its founders Katie and Kyle, “It’s for the love of chocolate”. We couldn’t be more in love with their bean-to-bar chocolates made in right here in Toronto.

Katie and Kyle are explorers by nature and discovered the world of specialty chocolate during a trip to New Zealand and was eventually inspired to launch Soul Chocolate. Their chocolate highlights the origin of the cacao itself along with the unique subtleties added from both roasting and refining. It’s easy to say that Soul Chocolate is leading a new wave of chocolate makers that is pushing the chocolate world forward.

Today Soul Chocolate retail their bars wrapped in a beautifully designed packaging inspired by the origin of the cacao bean which varies from Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, Ecuador, Venezuela and more.

Most admirable of all, social responsibility is at the core of everything they do. The duo has gone to great lengths to learn about the origin of the cacao and who grows it, the often forgotten factor in chocolate making. They aim to have 100% direct trade relationships with all their cacao suppliers. And we quote “its more than just the love of chocolate. It’s the love for this world and the people who are on it, and being able to share something so complex and beautiful with anyone”.